Pump Project Presents, a sponsored project of Artus Co(a 501c3 nonprofit), is focused on bringing artists together to work, experiment and exhibit, actively enriching the community through new ideas, innovative projects and the creative spirit.

History of Pump Project

Our first home was a bright yellow 1950s warehouse at 7th Street and Shady Lane and was open from February 15, 2005 to July 10, 2018. The 1,000 square-foot gallery was surrounded by 32 private and shared artist’s studios accommodating over 45 artists and craftspeople. Beginning in 2005 with a few artists, an old, empty building and a substantial amount of initiative Pump Project has been an example of Austin’s entrepreneurial and creative spirit and continues to evolve as Austin changes.

About the Logo

The logo was created by Rachelle Diaz of Art Diva Creative. Rachelle was on of the original members at Pump Project.