Light Alchemy | Essentials Creative
Cloud Tree Studios & Gallery, 3411 E. 5th St. ​
Opening Reception: Friday, August 9, 7-10p
Sound Design and Live Performance by 
Joe Raymond Vega
On View: August 9 – 31, 2019 Saturdays 12-5p, or by appointment

Art collective Essentials Creative presents “Light Alchemy” a new site-specific installation exploring light play and sensory experiences utilizing the basic elements of the universe.

Light Alchemy ( – Classical elements meeting at vertex points creating resonance. This piece uses sound to create short bursts and waves that mirror light.

Essentials is a multi-media collective producing holistic applied arts experiences. These multi-faceted events incorporate disciplines such as photography, fashion, graphic design, video, projection, animation, music, and installation. Although a single image may include many Essentials members, there is always a unified vision of experimentation, fluidity, and diversity.

Essentials creates a platform for underrepresented artists to express themselves and find support within their field. In the search for emerging talent, innovative voices, and unseen narratives, collaboration with other creatives is celebrated. Essentials is composed of and embraces artists of color, women, and members of the LGBTQIA community.

Process is central to my work – as a multimedia artist I am constantly deconstructing and constructing material in the form of sound, images and video. I can not begin a project without first engrossing myself in subject matter, building extensive collections to work from.
My work appeals directly to the senses, sight, sound (hear) and touch. I create art that connects people and brings attention to ideas dear to me. I consider myself to be an ally and a voice for people and issues frequently underrepresented. My work is always layered, creating depth and substance, with the hope to ignite or invoke viewers to empathize with my pieces because I wish to create art that can be enjoyed and interpreted by people of all backgrounds.

Cloud Tree Studios & Gallery is located in East Austin in a vintage Quonset hut built in 1948. It has been a workshop to wood artist and manager of the space, Brian David Johnson since 2016. Prior to 2016, Beaman Metal Company operated out of the row of huts since the mid 70’s. Additional studios and a woodshop house local artists working in various mediums that contribute to the creative energy of the space.

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department. Visit Austin at​​​​