Cloud Tree Studios & Gallery, 3411 E. 5th St. ​
Opening Reception & light performance by Luke Savisky: June 15, 7-11p
Gallery Hours: June 15 – July 13, Saturdays 11a-6p
Performances: June 29, 7-11p: The Amazing Hancock Brothers, Janine de Luna-Azul, Emcee Eats, Storm Shadow, and DJ set with Alex C. 
Artist talk with DJ set by Johari Palacios: July 13, 7-10p

Pump Project is thrilled to host the collaborative effort between Alternate Current’s Susan Maynard, eeka beeka’s Billy Kirkland and Gallery Lombardi’s Rachel Koper by bringing over 60 artists together for one giant show.

“Alternate Current was about saying yes instead of no. Yes to authenticity and rebellion. Yes to inclusive, invitational exhibits. Yes to lavender walls and edgy work. It wasn’t about commerce, it was about fostering creativity and letting her rip. David and I held the center, but it was an experiment in group dynamics and community effort.” – Susan Maynard, Alternate Current

“Our mission was to have fun showing the art that interested us and as a result of that, we met a lot of very cool and interesting people, which was our greatest reward!” – Billy Kirkland, eeka beeka

“I had not spent much time in commercial galleries when I started at Gallery Lombardi. So I ran the gallery in my own imaginary way. I had run day care centers and thrown theme parties in Michigan, so that’s how I curated. I was inspired by the punk attitude of ‘make your own damn band’. Proprietor, Ron Prince told me, ‘everyone’s an artist if they say they are’. I didn’t believe him but we thrived hosting lots of large group exhibits along the railroad tracks. More is more better! Vaudevillian Fine Art.” – Rachel Koper, Gallery Lombardi

Participating artists include:

Leon Alesi
Stella Alesi
Jason Austin
Ethan Azarian
Lee Barber
Dan Barry
Paul Beck
Tom Besson
Isa Boonto
Steve Brudniak
Sean Carngie
Josh Chalmers
Carmen Clements
Sandy Combs
Zac Combs
Sean Connolly
Misty Contreras
Sev Coursen
Jerry Defrese
David Elliott
Krista Franklin
​Mia Galarza

Mark Garrison
Tammy Gomez
Martha Grenon
Colleen Gugan
Charles Hancock
John Hancock
Vince Hannemann
Jasun Huerta
Brian David Johnson
Billy Kirkland
Mary Kirkland
Rachel Koper
Mike Krone
Emmy Laursen
Janine de Luna-Azul
Robert Mace
Jon MacNair
Edmo Martinez
Vincent Martinez
Susan Maynard
David McGee

R. J. Oehler
Steve Oelson
Johari Palacio 
​Margita Pencevova
Rene Perez
Mark Prellop
Ron Prince
Benjamin Reece
Benné Rockett
Matthew Rodriguez
Scott Rolfe
Tony Romano
Rita Marie Ross
Luke Savisky
Jason Schmidt
Rory Skagan
Scott Stevens
Laura Tabor-Huerta
Penny Van Horn
Peter Velasquez
George Zupp

This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department. Visit Austin at​ Thanks for the refreshing support Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Topo Chico USA.